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COVID negatively impacting your practice?

Discover the solution to continue to bring in high-quality new patients in these challenging times.


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CoVID proof your practice with the marketing system that is resilient and gets results in any environment

(think people aren’t ready to attend workshops yet?… keep scrolling for PROOF that they are!)

We solve the #1 problem facing offices giving workshops.

We’ve surveyed offices around the world and know that the #1 problem facing offices giving workshops is actually getting people to attend!

Well, imagine what it would feel like to have someone else get all those people to you and then all you had to worry about was giving the presentation and inviting people in for an initial exam and care?

It really can be that easy and simple.

What do you get when you combine workshop marketing, practice systems, coaching and support?

A program that gets you fantastic results and unlike anything else out there.


So what is the Waitlist Workshops program?

Quite simply it is like nothing you have seen before.

A true, turnkey, event (workshop) based marketing system that gives you everything you need to start giving workshops in your community combined with our digital marketing agency’s timed-tested social media advertising to get people in the seats.

Dr. Steve Tullius’ story of WHY he created this unique program is below, but before we share those details, take a look at the results it’s producing for doctors even in this COVID restricted environment.

I know what you’re thinking… are people ready to get back out to workshops?

YES they are and we have the data below to prove it!

The image below is a screen shot of our clients’ June registrations for their workshops. (the later dates actually ended up with a whole lot more registrations!)

June Registrations for our Doctors
June Registrations for our Doctors

Drs. John and Alli Morelli from Las Vegas, NV scheduled double digit new patients at their June workshop!

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 3.58.38 PM

Dr. Kevin Johnson in San Diego, CA scheduled 15 new patients at his June 17th workshop and one week later scheduled 17 new patients at his next workshop.

Workshops are definitely back!
Workshops are definitely back!

Dr. Jackson Detrick of Eau Claire, Wisconsin scheduled 20 new patients at his June 19th workshop!

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 4.36.49 PM

Over the last two weeks of June our doctors scheduled over 150 New Patients for an average of 8 new patients per workshop!

Okay so how did this program come about? 

It all began when I started to sing…

Okay, okay.

Bon Jovi would probably sucker punch me in the face if he heard that but of course I was only figuratively talking about singing.

No, I’m talking about something much more serious.

I’m talking about the pain of being laughed at and ridiculed for being a chiropractor.



When I started to sing… figuratively   😉   that’s when everything changed.

I started to SING when I discovered the recipe to seamlessly attract the people who WANT, NEED and VALUE my care.

I started to SING as I developed highly profitable SYSTEMS to educate my community.

I started to SING as I refined COMMUNICATIONS to solidify the VALUE of my care and to help 90% of the people to say YES to 12 month corrective care plans for themselves and families.


WITHOUT high pressure tactics.
WITHOUT feeling like a used car salesman.
WITH 100% integrity as a professional.
and WITH 100% alignment in Chiropractic.


You’re tired of people not “getting” chiropractic?

You’re frustrated with the poor reimbursement of insurance and don’t know how to get out?

If you are out of insurance, you’re having difficulty getting people to understand the value of your care and why they should choose YOU!

You’re frustrated with the types of people starting care in your office and want to see the miracles you know you can and should see but just don’t know how to consistently get these people who need you the most in the door?

How do I know all this?

Because I felt the EXACT same way!

That is until I started to SING.

That’s when I realized I had to do more and share these strategies with more doctors.

I discovered the recipe for helping ANYONE “get” Chiropractic.

I applied that recipe to workshops that built my practice and are building practices around the country.

I refined bulletproof marketing strategies to fill those workshops and build powerful lists of warm leads.

I built a digital marketing agency and print media company to revolutionize the way chiropractors are attracting, educating and converting their ideal patients.

Why did I do all this?

I did it for all those people in the photo at Dr. Sean Carey’s workshop where we attracted 150 people in the small town of 30,000 people in Newburyport, MA.

But mostly I did it for YOU!

I realized that if chiropractic is going to massively impact our struggling world that I can’t do it myself.

We need Chiropractors to be MASSIVELY successful and to be seeing the people that NEED us the most.

That’s where you come in…


Listen, I’m about to share with you an opportunity that will TRANSFORM your practice.

AND… I sincerely believe you would be crazy not to jump on this.

Let me tell you why.

I’M LOOKING FOR DOCTORS ready to accelerate their practices like Dr. Sean Carey who increased his collections by over $50,000 in a 6 month period.


I’M LOOKING FOR DOCTORS who want to GROW THEIR PRACTICE BY 40% like Dr. Garrett Smith of Liberty, MO.


I’M LOOKING FOR DOCTORS who want to stop having to rely on spinal screenings and would rather have all their marketing needs handled through one HIGHLY PROFITABLE SYSTEM like Dr. Fawaz Al-Badani of Pleasanton, CA.


It’s no wonder he stopped all other marketing efforts when he gets RESULTS LIKE THIS!


Here’s What Other Doctors I Work With Are Saying 

Dr. Julia Anderson has replaced all other forms of marketing and is filling her practice with IDEAL PATIENTS who WANT and NEED her care.

Dr. Jackson Detrick shares how much he is loving the program, how it has helped him get through COVID and reach IDEAL new patients.

Dr. Mike Vorozilchak shares why he thinks this program is a “no brainer” if you want to see more kids and families.

Dr. Chris Boman took his practice FROM 130 VISITS PER WEEK to 200 in just 2 MONTHS and has completely automated his New Patient generation!


Dr. Dakota Zickefoose SCHEDULED 15 NP AT HIS FIRST WORKSHOP we managed AND attracted great potential referral partners as well! 


Dr. Tom Williams jumped into working with me and we immediately started filling his workshops with his IDEAL PATIENTS.

Tom's first workshops we managed with registrations and ad costs.
Tom’s first workshops we managed with registrations and ad costs.
Screenshot Tom sent me with all his SOLD OUT workshops!
Screenshot Tom sent me with all his SOLD OUT workshops!

Dr. Anthony Pellegrino in Sea Grit, NJ was blown away that with our ability to fill his workshops.

Waitlist Workshops Testimonial - Pellegrino 72 Hours Filled


Waitlist Workshops Testimonial Jami Rassmussen

Welcome to the Waitlist Workshops Strategic Practice Program

The Waitlist Workshops Strategic Practice Program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

There is simply nothing else like it in the chiropractic profession because no other company or individual has the experience, expertise or resources to put this all together.

But before I tell you what I’ve put together, let me tell you WHY.


After helping over 100 offices around the country, we found that the greatest barrier to the fullest utilization and success of our individual workshop programs boiled down to two common denominators.

  1. Doctors were getting bogged down in the marketing of their own workshops. Let’s face it, handling your own Facebook ads isn’t easy. And with the constantly changing environment, it’s down right frustrating and time consuming trying to constantly figure it out.
  2. We also found that lack of key foundational procedures, communication strategies, mindset and systems was a huge impediment as well.

That’s why I created this program!

We’ve simplified EVERYTHING and are taking the “work” out of workshops.

AND we’re providing you with the support, training, and coaching you need to explode your practice with your ideal patients so that you can have more time, money, peace of mind and professional success.


Here’s What You Will Get in Your Waitlist Workshops Strategic Practice Program


1) Proven Workshop Programs

You will gain immediate access to ALL 6 of our popular workshops and the trainings that go with them.

You will also receive a brand new program every four months!

Future titles include topics such as Women’s Health, Pregnancy/Birth, and Early Brain Development and more!

($15,000 value)

2) Monthly Workshop Event and Ad Management

Our team will take the stress out of workshops by doing everything for you. We will manage up to 2 workshops per month for you and create your registration pages, manage your ads and load your contacts into your autoresponders so that all you have to do is show up, give the presentation and take care of all your new patients.

($1500/month value)

*Additional workshop managements can be purchased at only $350.

Person using calendar on computer to improve time management, plan appointments, events, tasks and meetings efficiently, improve productivity, organize week day and work hours, business woman, office
Young girl using smart phone,Social media concept.

3) Social Media Posting Service

Not only will we be managing your social media ads for your workshops but we will also be posting daily inspirational quotes, general health tips and chiropractic specific posts on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Let us stay in front of your audience for you, let them know about your upcoming workshops and stay relevant, helpful and at the top of their minds.

($125/month value)

3) Email Autoresponder Setup and Integration

Our team will setup and maintain detailed email autoresponders that will stay in front of your workshop leads.

We setup and customize your autoresponders and upload your workshop contacts so you and your team can stay focused on what you do best while staying in front of all of your leads!

($750/mo value)
Woman having video chat with colleagues at table in office, closeup

4) Group Coaching, Support and Accountability

Let’s face it, we all need great coaches and teammates. I’ve been lucky to have some of the best throughout my life while playing highly competitive sports and still have one of the best in the industry coaching me now.

You’ll have direct access to me through weekly “office hours” where you can call in and discuss anything you need plus you’ll have access to monthly training calls and videos on mindset, communication, Day 1 and Day 2, care plan recommendations, patient retention,  workshop strategies and MUCH more.

You’ll also be in a closed Facebook group where all your questions will be answered and you’ll have the support of other doctors just like you who are looking for the same accountability, success and results you are.

($500/month value)

Sign Up Today And Get this Bonus! 

BONUS  – $495 Value

Online Workshop Training Modules

You’ll get access immediate access to over 5 hours of trainings on public speaking, scheduling your workshops, connecting with the audience and much more in the Creating Powerful Presentations to Propel Your Practice modules.


For only $2000/month you receive ALL of that!

  • 4 Amazing presentations with live videos as well as videos reviewing the slides AND a new presentation every 4 months! ($15,000 value)
  • Monthly workshop creation and management of your social media ads (you pay the cost of advertising) ($1500/mo value)
  • Email Autoresponder Setup and Integration ($750 value)
  • Group Coaching Calls and Facebook Group Access ($500/mo value)
  • Online Training Modules ($497 value)

That’s a one time value of $17,747 PLUS $1125/mo!


Look, if you’re reading this now, the social proof of the success of this program couldn’t be more clear.


The only questions left should be, are you ready to grow your practice, serve more people and make more money? 

Let’s find out.

This pricing will NOT last!

Claim Your Spot Today!

This opportunity will not last long.

Pricing will be going up!

/ month

Special pricing guaranteed for 2 years. No contract. We want to earn your business and trust consistently through our results for you.
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